Whitney Houston Suddenly Passed Away, Aged 48 Years Old
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Whitney Houston Suddenly Passed Away, Aged 48 Years Old

Whitney Houston in recent years, much scandal, divorce her husband Bobby Brown, sink into drugs. She has recently been faced with the edge of bankruptcy on credit borrowed to make ends meet, even $ 100 have to rely on friends and relatives to help. Earlier record company boss to support her out of the dish, to help her make a comeback, but she does not even respect themselves and advance all the production costs spent, LP launched no.

Had its Teana voice shook the global pop music days after Whitney Houston, Saturday was found dead in a hotel Beverly Hills, and aged 48 years.

The police made a brief statement outside the hotel than Huali Xi Hamilton, death confirmed Governor Houston.

Police spokesman, said Rawson, "Whitney Houston (Whitney Houston) 15:55, than the Hamilton Hotel, Hua Lixi declared dead."

Rosen said the police received a Whitney Houston entourage emergency alarm that found her in the fourth floor of the hotel room on the ground.

The spokesman added, "There is no obvious indication of criminal intent, Beverly Hills police department is conducting the survey."

The actress recently appeared in the U.S. before the media a few days ago to attend the warm-up in Hollywood for the upcoming Grammy party.

She was photographed haggard, the left arm the scar of a road, more looks like to get rid of blood stains on the leg.

August 1963 was born in Newark, New Jersey (Newark), Whitney Houston, born vice God reward the good singing voice.

Her 22-year-old hair piece for the first time, the 1985 album, Arctic Monkeys 24 million, marking the best sales performance of the American singer for the first time made films.

In 1987, her second album "Whitney" (Whitney) is also loved by fans. 1992 issue of "Drawing a portrait" (The Bodyguard) film soundtrack album, hit a female singer continuous issued three albums have exceeded 9 million in sales scenery record.

"Drawing a portrait of" movie theme song, "I will always love you" (I Will Always Love You), to create the record of 14 consecutive weeks of sit tight champion in the Top 100 hit singles chart (Billboard Hot 100) in 1993, swept the world pop charts, she took away the Grammy for Album of the Year, Best Album Award.

The impressive achievements of the total 100 million to 70 million album sales in the world, who let her, become the top female singer of international pop music market with the most sales strength.

Only after the big break in the 1980s and 1990s, Whitney Houston in 2000, signs treble no longer whirlwind cannot get several live concert performances of the poor, fans angry and out early. The Internet is constantly condemning.

Singing career ups and downs, drugs is critical to influencing factors.

To maintain a good image of her original debut after starting from the late 1990s, Hollywood media reported a succession of reports that the actress is often late, abruptly cancelled performances and other abnormal behavior.

In addition, her body burst and thin, in front of the camera speech disorder disappointed God, a lot of gossip media reports she suffered from anorexia and drug abuse, drug use, but she is more stringent than deny.

In 2002, she accepted the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news magazine program "prime time" (Prime time) interview, the first time admits that he does have alcohol, use marijuana and other drugs, and rely on certain medications and drugs problems.

She said in an interview, do not like themselves classified as "alcoholic" or "toxic ghost, she felt he was just" bad habits "of these bad habits can be rectified.

She said: "my exposure to this line is full with sex, drugs and rock and roll; I have had a crazy enjoyment with friends. However, with age, gradually larger, but also become more wisdom. . "

With hip-hop singer Bobby Brown married Whitney Houston in 1992, but maintains the 14 years during the marriage, on the silver couple constant reports of drug use, drug use events such as Bobby Brown, more because of drunk driving, possession the narcotics were arrested, the last two ended in divorce.

The past two years, the Hollywood media also reported the news of the actress is facing a financial dilemma, and even spent because of the savings, you must borrow money from friends to live on.

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Yes, Deepak it is a loss to the music world. Thank you for this. Hope to avail your friendship and support.