A Quick Look Into The Life Of Liz Taylor
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A Quick Look Into The Life Of Liz Taylor

Some not known facts about Liz Taylor.

Most of us think about Liz Taylor as the all American beauty.  The lavender eyed beauty who dangled Mickey Rooney with her mesmerizing look.  The jockey who rode her way into every one's heart as the all bitter beauty who trampled on men because men must have trampled on her.  Do we really know to what beat Liz Taylor was dancing in on?  Here are some fact about Liz Taylor that don't seem to fit with her image of the supporter of Michael Jackson and his fight to find a cure for aids.  The brave woman who discovered her real religion was Judaism and became a public figure for the cause of Israel and Zion.  Her politics seem to be obscured almost by magic by the cinematography of Hollywood and her passion for choosing men.

If you can break the magical weave and look into the real life facts of Liz Taylor, you get a different perspective about the politically motivated actress who made Virgina Woolf look like Rin Tin Tin on a bone.  Who made Cleopatra look like a fishwife in mummy's attire?  Who?  Why Liz Taylor of course, the National Velvet that turned blue into lavender and gave us a whiff of White Diamonds as a send off.

Liz Taylor was actually born, she did not appear on a magic carpet to haunt every woman in Hollywood. Liz Taylor was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb which is a suburb in London which just happens to be in England referred to also as the United Kingdom to make Ireland, Wales and Scotland feel like they too belong.  Yes, the all American girl was not born in the United States,  Liz Taylor was an immigrant.  She was born on February 27, 1932 (the same month as one of my older sisters which is why she is very interesting to me)  author's aside.  Liz Taylor passed away on March 23, 2011, at the ripe old age of 79.  Liz Taylor died in Los Angeles, California, from a water clogged heart and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

What is really interesting to this writer is that Liz Taylor was born a Christian Scientist and was a practicing Christian Scientist whose friends included the prime minister of England, Winston Churchill.  When Liz hit Hollywood, she understood the Jewish controlled cinema and wanted her share.  Liz Taylor went from "God is Love" to "Yahweh" in 1959.  Liz Taylor used religion from a young girl.  Her family was a wealthy family.  One of their closest friends was a Christian Scientist named Walker who was a close friend to Winston Churchill.  Liz Taylor could summon Walker to her side whenever she wanted.  Liz Taylor was a fascinating and complex controlling spirit and she got her way.

Liz Taylor's husbands were not just coincidentally wealthy and powerful.  Liz Taylor was born into a wealthy and politically powerful family.  Liz Taylor's husbands were Conrad Hilton, Jr., Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher,

Richard Burton, John Warner and Larry Fortensky. 

The popular history of Liz Taylor is as magically clouded as her supposed all American roots.  Liz Taylor did not die childless.  Liz Taylor's children are Michael Howard Wilding, Christopher Edward Wilding, Elizabeth Frances Todd Burton, and Maria Burton.  

Liz Taylor was born to Francis (her father's name) Lenn Taylor and to Sara Sothern.  Liz Taylor has a living older brother, Howard Taylor. 

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