Undertaker Dead: The Latest News About the Undertaker Death Rumor
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Undertaker Dead: The Latest News About the Undertaker Death Rumor

undertaker dead Is the undertaker dead

Undertaker Died. Is the professional wrestler dead? I am telling you every weekend a famous celebrity is rumored to be dead. Bloggers see money, and start making rumors about someone famous being sick or dead. I have had enough.

A few days ago Larry Platt was rumored to be dead, then you always have Eninem being dead at least once a month, what is wrong with these people? For those fans wondering about the latest Undertaker news, this is what happened.

The great wrestler was burnt in an accident in the ring. According to bull crap reporters the Undertaker was supposedly suffered from first and second degree burns all over his chest and neck area, but is doing fine and is alive.

You have to remember professional wrestlers know how to put on a good act in the ring. They can make it look like they have gotten hurt, and then all of a sudden they are fine. Meanwhile, fans get all hype up and start to worry, and that’s where these rumors come about.

Who will be dead tomorrow? I know if I look at the internet tomorrow somebody famous will be either in a car accident, or beat up by a gang. I know people need to make money, and when it comes to a celebrity dying or being dead, this get millions of hits which equals money to some.

Let’s discuss the famous Undertaker.

In the wrestling world a wrestler always comes back as a different character. The Undertaker died in 1994, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2008, and now 2010. So I guess he has 9 lives like a cat. If he was really dead, popular news reporters such as RadarOnline, or HuffingtonPost would snatch this news up in a flash, and get it out to fans as quickly as they can. To assure the fans, and let them know what’s going on.

Anyway let’s move on and hope the Undertaker is ok, and in the meantime check out some of his hottest pictures by putting Undetaker pictures into the Google search box. This will give you some of the top picture websites. Click on one of them and start browsing away. Once you find that perfect one, make it your computer wallpaper. You can also find cool ringtones, shirts, and other fun memorabilia.

One last time, the Undertaker IS NOT DEAD HE IS ALIVE AND KICKIN. Don’t read and believe everything online, until it comes on TV.

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Comments (4)

Is undertaker realy dead ?


This man miracle man. East or West Dead man is Best.


i don't believe it becoz i am dead man's biggest fan

All these rumours about Undertaker is lie. And never deserve to be trusted.