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Last answer by Rachel Ellis 91 months ago +1 votes:
 Alessandra Ambrosio is engaged to Jamie Mazur. They have a daughter together named Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur born on August 24, 2008.   more
Asked by taraz in Celebrities2 answers
Last answer by sam sticka 61 months ago +0 votes:
Here are some tips that tell you how to write informative articles. 1. Make a list of topics: 2. Research keywords: 3. Create an appealing title: 4. Introduce your content: 5. Format, size, and headings: 6. Summarize what you said: 7. Create call to action: All the above will help you to write quality and informative articles.  http://www.techyv.com/article/how-become-master-article-writing ... more
Last answer by Debbie Edwards 61 months ago +0 votes:
Netflix does offer an affiliate program. The affiliate option is listed at the bottom of the official Netflix website. Once a viewer has clicked on the affiliate section, he or she can read the easy instructions on how to become an affiliate. Guidelines state, that in order to become an affiliate, one must have a functioning, up and running website that does not promote sexually explicit content... more
Last answer by Oscar 62 months ago +0 votes:
I actually wrote an article on this subject: How To Write The Perfect Factoidz Product Review A Factoidz product review is an option on Factoidz  where you can review someone's product or service. You do not pick who you are reviewing though, Factoidz will give you a list of people who you can review and you choose one from that list. Product reviews are much more profitable than regular ar... more
Last answer by Oscar 62 months ago +0 votes:
Currently, Netflix does not create any movies, TV series or documentaries. Netflix works by paying the production companies of popular movies and television shows a certain amount of money to allow them to add their movie onto Netflix. Once they add it to Netflix anyone of Netflix's monthly subscribers are able to watch the movie as many times as they want.  more
Last answer by Casey in Real Life 62 months ago +0 votes:
This would be completely dependent on your location and which series are your favourite. A good way to see for yourself would be to take part in the 30-day trial, giving you time to explore the many, many viewing options. Personally, I love being able to catch up on Californication, The Walking Dead and Dexter via Netflix. Saves me from buying a DVR or renting / purchasing the season dvds.&n... more
Last answer by Casey in Real Life 62 months ago +0 votes:
You can watch Netflix movies and programs on your television via Smart TV's, blu ray players, Apple TV, PS3's, Wii's, X-Boxes, etc.  Off-television options include smartphones (Windows, Androids and iPhones), macintoshes and pcs, iPads and tablets via the downloadable application (aka app) more
Last answer by Sam Montana 62 months ago +0 votes:
Netflix is not traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Netflix trades on the NASDAQ exchange with the symbol of NFLX. The closing price today (8/20/2012) was $64.24. It has really gone up and down the past 52 weeks. Its 52 week stock price high was $241.88 and its 52 week low is $52.81. The average 13 week daily volume is 4.87 millions shares traded per day. They do not pay a dividend. ... more
Last answer by Lisa6cordas 63 months ago +1 votes:
Unfortunately, DVD movies are not available on instant stream.  Instant stream alone is $7.99 per month.  A DVD subscription, which allows 1 DVD rental at a time, can be purchased as an add-on service to a streaming plan for an addtional $7.99 per month.  If you wish to receive only DVDs, you can pay for that service by itself.  The full list of services and their prices are li... more
Last answer by DeviPriya Maharana 66 months ago +0 votes:
Mahatma Gandhi was wrong in his concepts and theories as he ignored the most primitive and evolutionary significant trait of human beings - violence. For just or unjust reasons, violence and war forge societies, create nations, stimulate economies, encourage inventions and paradoxically, promote peace. Hardly has any nation been created on the basis of peace. Great nations rise out of struggle and... more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 67 months ago +0 votes:
Jamie Mazur is a businessman, but is best known as the father of Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio  two children -- a daughter, Anja Louise, born in 2008 and as yet to be born bay, due in June 2012.  Mazur and Ambrosio are engaged. http://blog.sfgate.com/dailydish/2012/03/22/alessandra-ambrosio-plans-work-return-six-weeks-after-birth/ more
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Last answer by Sandy Shannon 88 months ago +0 votes:
The best way is to find a couple of expert dealers in your area who will give appraisals. So much depends on the nature of the item, its condition, whether any note is personal or generic, how famous the person is, and how many such items are currently in circulation. Reputable dealers should be able to give you a good guesstimate of their value and may even offer to buy. Ebay and such sites do no... more
Last answer by Christine Gapuz 89 months ago +0 votes:
TV Reality shows are hard to assess when it comes to genuineness. The fights can be true since after all the set up can create certain pressures that may lead to irritability and fights. One thing is for sure, sometimes even the sweetest reality show couples end up breaking up. more
Last answer by Maleah Morgan 104 months ago +0 votes:
Santa Monica, CA. I lived there many years. sightings are quite consistent, and casual. more
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Last answer by Sy Kravitz 104 months ago +0 votes:
Her hyped coverage doesn't hurt, but she probably gets the most "talked about" help from her publicist and manager who tell the media about her every move. There is nothing random about Hollywood buzz. It's well-managed behind the scenes by well-paid reps. more
Asked by taraz in Celebrities1 answers