Peggy Sue Got Married Movie Cast Starring Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage and Kathleen Turner
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Peggy Sue Got Married Movie Cast Starring Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage and Kathleen Turner

The 1986 comedy/drama Peggy Sue Got Married was an excellent launch for the careers of Nicolas Cage, Kathleen Turner and Jim Carrey. Learn more about the film and the actors in this article.

Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) is in her mid forties attending her 25 year high school reunion. At the reunion she meets up with some of her old friends from high school like Richard Norvik (Barry Miller), Walter Getz (Jim Carrey) and Carol Heath (Catherine Hicks). Kathleen also sees her husband and high school sweetheart Charlie Bodell (Nicholas Cage) who stumbles into the party late as usual. Peggy, who appears to be overwhelmed with her current failing relationship with Charlie ends up fainting during the reunion celebration and is transported back to high school days. The difference is this time she has years of experience on her side.

Peggy Sue is quite taken by the entire experience as she ends up making many of the same choices and mistakes that she made during her first pass through high school. Through her experience Peggy realizes why she loved Charlie and when she returns to consciousness she sees the current day Charlie the way she did when she first fell in love with him.

Although the film wasn’t one of the best I have ever consumed it was really fun to watch some of these accomplished actors early in their careers. Learn more about the talented cast members of the film Peggy Sue Got Married below.

Kathleen Turner as Peggy Sue

Kathleen Turner plays the beautiful Peggy Sue as she goes on a life journey to discover just how she got to where she is today. Turner does a great job playing both the current day Peggy Sue as well as the Peggy Sue that relived her original high school experience a second time. Prior to her role as Peggy Sue Kathleen Turner played Joan Wilder in the 1985 film The Jewel of the Nile.

Nicolas Cage as Charlie Bodell

Nicholas Cage plays the awkwardly confident Charlie Bodell and husband to Peggy Sue. Cage takes on a very interesting and sometimes annoying voice as he plays Charlie in both the present day as well as during the high school years. Prior to his role in Peggy Sue Got Married Nichoas Cage played Ned Hanlan in the 1986 film The Boy in Blue.

Jim Carrey as Walter Getz

Jim Carrey plays the class clown Walter Getz who is part of the group of friends that hang out with Charlie and Peggy Sue. Jim Carrey displays some of his trademark physical comedy moves in this supporting role. Peggy Sue Got Married was one of the early Jim Carrey movies in his lengthy acting career. Prior to his role as Walter Getz Jim Carrey played the role of Mark Kendall in the 1985 comedy Once Bitten. If you want to learn more about the actor check out the biography of Jim Carrey.

Other notable Peggy Sue Got Married movie cast members include:

Barry Miller as Richard Norvik

Catherine Hicks as Carol Heath

Joan Allen as Maddy Nagle

Kevin J. O'Connor as Michael Fitzsimmons

Lisa Jane Persky as Delores Dodge

Lucinda Jenney as Rosalie Testa

Wil Shriner as Arthur Nagle

Barbara Harris as Evelyn Kelcher

Don Murray as Jack Kelcher

Sofia Coppola as Nancy Kelcher

Maureen O'Sullivan as Elizabeth Alvorg

Leon Ames as Barney Alvorg

Randy Bourne as Scott Bodell

Helen Hunt as Beth Bodell

Don Stark as Doug Snell

Ken Grantham as Mr. Snelgrove

Ginger Taylor as Janet

Sigrid Wurschmidt as Sharon

Glenn Withrow as Terry

Harry Basil as Leon

John Carradine as Leo

Sachi Parker as Lisa

Vivien Straus as Sandy

Morgan Upton as Mr. Gilford

Lewis Leibovich as Dr. Daly


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