Michael Jackson: Songs of Peace
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Michael Jackson: Songs of Peace

an article about Michael Jackson.

In these times of constant stress and chaos in the world, one has to find ways to relax and feel alright in the midst of constant reports of darkness in the world. Music distresses me, and if you have not guessed yet my artist of choice, is Mr. Michael Jackson. If someone is feeling heavy-hearted, all one has to do is put on "Off the Wall" or "Thriller" and your trouble seems to melt or be danced away.

There were many controversies surrounding Michael, that I personally feel were unjust but one thing that did remain constant in Michael's world was the positive messages in his music. He touched countless lives around the world, through his talent and through his many songs of peace. While many artists greatest claims to fame are songs about one night stands or getting high, Michael's music was about trying to heal the world, and his short films were strong artistic illustrations of people of all races trying to make the world better with each passing day.

Michael Jackson will live on through his music, his art, and his three children. When an artist is no longer on the world's stage, people around the world take stock of what their careers meant as an artist as well as a human being. Hundreds of years from now, listeners will hear this man's music and understand the word peace and harmony. This was Michael Jackson's main artistic vision. This is the ongoing thread through out all his albums. Yes, he indeed made the world dance, but I believe he also made us think.

People often wonder if one person can make a difference in this world. I think that a pop star who could have used his art simply to promote selfish themes, but chose to try and unite the world needs to be celebrated and appreciated, not berated or cut down anymore. During his life here, all the focus became Michael's private life when we should have been looking at ourselves asking how can I also help children in Africa or orphans in Romania? It is not just celebrities who need to be magnified, but it is every single person on this planet we call Earth.

For the fans of Michael Jackson, his legacy will be his messages. As the world is experiencing so much pain, we need to send out positive messages through out the greater landscape because that is what this man ultimately tried to do.

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Comments (3)
Ranked #5 in Celebrities

thanks, Tom!

I loved Michael's songs

Ranked #5 in Celebrities

they are really awesome!