Johnny Depp: Tourist Film Review
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Johnny Depp: Tourist Film Review

An article featuring Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been acting since 1984, and has been in forty-four films. He is also a musician who plays the guitar proficiently and an actor whose  films have grossed over a billion dollars just in the current decade, alone.

Recently, Johnny Depp's current film opened last weekend to disappointing numbers. Angelina Jolie co-starred with Johnny Depp for the first time. Expectations were high for these sex symbols to be in the same film. In the past few days, people have made comments about the film and the actors themselves. People have commented about Johnny's appearance, in particular. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp's chemistry have been questioned. Two good looking people might not guarentee fire, but any scene that features this man will always be passionate for me.

Some people claim that Depp's looks have disintegrated, and that now he looks old. Johnny Depp began acting as a fresh faced twenty-five year old. As he aged, it seemed like Johnny took a regular drink from the fountain of youth for many years and still looks remarkably young for a forty-seven year old man. American obsession with looks and age is increasingly disturbing.

Depp and Jolie star together in a European caper that is entertaining and beautifully back dropped. Every film cannot reach blockbuster status especially when big budget films are also opening the same weekend.

Johnny Depp has been a fan favorite and critically acclaimed for decades. He has maintained high profile status without falling prey to the usual pitfalls of fame. He regularly gives money and attention to several charities, along with giving an autograph without a diva attitude of entitlement. He has had commercial success and box-office bombs, through every stage Johnny Depp has proven he is here to stay.

He follows his own artistic whim whether it be box-office glory or not. He will probably be the first to first to stand up and say that is all about the experience, and not all about the numbers or reviews. Johnny Depp is a multi-millionaire and at this point does not need to continue acting purely just for monetary reasons.

Johnny Depp is forty-seven years old, and to me he is more sexy and talented than his twenty-something counterparts. May he continue to do what is true distinctly to himself, and prove that personal style and development never go out of season.

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Comments (8)

Great work. I've been a fan of Johnny Depp since Edward Scissorhands. He's a great actor, daring in his choice of roles, and it's hard to believe he's 47.

Interesting. Sorry, I'm out of votes

Ranked #2 in Celebrities

Johnny Depp is a great actor.

They think he looks old!! what are they...insane... He is gorgeous and special. If this film doesn't do good it is Jolie's fault. I admit she is not one of my favorites. I don't care for her behavior

Interesting article and discussion. I think Depp is more unique than many actors, and I admire his attitude. Society places far too many expectations on celebrities. . . they are human also, and will age, etc. just like other humans (although he does look youthful for his 47 years.) Thanks for this review!

A versatile actor, i like his Edward Sccissorhands, Public Enemies, Pirates of Caribbean series and others.

I don't really stay in touch with what he is doing but good write up

Ranked #10 in Celebrities

I have linked this article to one of mine - a review of The Tourist.