Jason Isaacs Trivia: Facts About the English Actor and Awake Series Star
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Jason Isaacs Trivia: Facts About the English Actor and Awake Series Star

This article is a trivia for English actor Jason Isaacs who starred in Ronald Emmerich’s war movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger and is currently playing the lead role in the 2012 NBC drama Awake. The trivia features some biographical information including his other roles, private life and more.

Jason Isaacs image via wikia.com

1)      English actor Jason Isaacs was born in  Liverpool  , in 1963.

2)      According to imdb.com, he stands at 5' 11" (1.80 m).

3)       He has been married to his actress wife Emma Hewitt since 1988 and they have two daughters together.

4)      He has been appearing on the screen since 1988.

5)      He has either starred or co-starred in TV series, movies and TV films belonging to a variety of genres.

6)      Currently, he is starring in the drama Awake where he is playing the lead character. His character, Michael, is a cop who has lost either his wife or his son in a fatal car accident. The problem is he doesn’t know which one. Unable to cope with the loss of someone so significant, his mind his has created an alternate reality where the other person is alive. The problem is he doesn’t know which one is the reality, and which one is a product of his imagination, and neither does the audience.

So he wakes up, his wife is alive. He has a different partner on the job, promoted specifically to keep an eye on him. He is also ordered by his captain to see a shrink to sort out his issues.

He goes to sleep, and he wakes up and his son is alive. He is an angry teen trying to deal with his mother’s death. Michael is still a homicide detective working for LAPD, working with the same partner from before the accident. He is still seeing a shrink- but a different one.  

He has two different cases in both worlds, where clues often intersect. While each therapist tries to persuade Michael that their world is the reality, Michael doesn’t really care. He doesn’t want to know, because when he knows, he will have to give up living with either his son or his wife. But how long can he keep it together before he starts losing it?

Awake aired in March, and is likely to end in one season. Still, it has collected a dedicated fan base and a rating of 8.4 on IMDB. If you are one of the fans, you might want to sign the petition on tvseriesfinale.com to give the show a second season.

7)      You might remember Jason Isaacs as the villain from The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. He is the one responsible for the death of one of Mel’s characters children, and he is the reason his oldest, played by Heath Ledger, deciding to fight in the Civil War.

8)      Isaacs is quite happy with his level of fame, although his chances of being recognized has increased since he got the lead role in Awake, which airs on NBC.

9)      He has played characters different from each other. For instance in the romantic comedy/drama Passionada, he plays a broke card player who agrees to teach card tricks to the daughter of the woman he has fallen in love with.

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