Hugh Jackman Trivia: 20 Facts About X-Men's Wolverine Hugh Jackman
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Hugh Jackman Trivia: 20 Facts About X-Men's Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Trivia for the famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman who's best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series. Features info about his co-stars, family, movies and more.

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1. Hugh Jackman was born in 1968, in Sydney, Australia.

2. He is 6' 2½" (1.89 m) tall.

3. He is married to Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness who he met on the set of Australian TV series Correlli in 1995.

4. Both their kids are adopted.

5. His wife’s 13 years his senior.

6. He is most famous for his role as Wolverine in X-Men and Wolverine movie series.

7. The Wolverine - the second movie of the series was directed by Darren Aronofsky, director of Requiem for a Dream and 2010’s Black Swan.

8. Darren Aronofsky and Hugh Jackman worked together before on the romantic sci-fi film The Fountain, co-starring Rachel Weisz.

9. He hosted the Oscars in 2009.

10. He has starred in hit Broadway shows.

11. He is also a gifted singer and dancer and he showed all his skills at the 2009’s Oscars.

12. His movie Australia was a complete Australian effort: his co-star was Australian actress Nicole Kidman and the movie was directed by famous Australian director Baz Luhrmann, whose movies include Romeo and Juliet (starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes) and Moulin Rouge (starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman).

13. Hugh Jackman also made a movie with Scottish actor Ewan McGregor: Deception, a drama/thriller co-starring Michelle Williams. American Williams’ ex-fiancé was the late actor Heath Ledger, who was Australian.

14. He co-starred with Scarlet Johansson twice: once in Woody Allen’s Scoop and once in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

15. He is famous for the extreme work-out he did for his Wolverine part. When his co-star Ryan Reynolds was asked who would win a fight, he is sure Hugh would win.

16. He worked with Australian co-star Nicole Kidman before Australia - they did the voices of the main characters in the musical/animation Happy Feet.

17. Scarlett Johansson is getting divorced from husband Ryan Reynolds, who co-starred with Jackman in X- Men Origins: Wolverine, as Deadpool. Deadpool’s also becoming a movie.

18. He collaborated with Halle Berry 4 times- once in the action/thriller Swordfish co-starring John Travolta and three times in the X-Men movie.

19. Hugh Jackman’s female co-stars include Halle Berry (Swordfish, X-Men films), Meg Ryan (Kate & Leopold), Ashley Judd (Someone like you), Nicole Kidman (Australia), Rachel Weisz (The Fountain), Michelle Williams (Deception), Scarlett Johansson (The Prestige, Scoop), Piper Perabo (The Prestige), Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romjin, Famke Janssen (X-Men films), Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing).

20. His male co-stars include Woody Allen (Scoop), Live Schreiber (Wolverine, Kate & Leopold), John Travolta (Swordfish), Greg Kinnear (Someone Like You), Ewan McGregor (Deception), Michael Caine, Christian Bale, David Bowie (The Prestige), Ryan Reynolds (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen, James Marsden, Shawn Ashmore (X-Men films).

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Ranked #2 in Celebrities

I am a fan of Hugh Jackman. He's the stronger side of the Hugh personality compared to the soft-spoken Hugh Grant.

Very interesting, I don't or should I say I didn't know much about him.

Interesting. Informative. One for my wife the Queen of Movie Trivia.

Thanks. : )