Hawaii Five 0 (2010) Guest Stars Feat. Dane Cook, James Marsters, Agnes Bruckner & More
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Hawaii Five 0 (2010) Guest Stars Feat. Dane Cook, James Marsters, Agnes Bruckner & More

List of Hawaii Five-0 guest actors including James Marsters, Larisa Oleynik, James Remar, Dane Cook, Agnes Bruckner & more.

Hawaii Five - 0 is an energetic, entertaining and action-packed TV series (adapted from the 1960s show of the same name). The show stars Alex O’ Loughlin (Moonlight’s Mick St. John), Scott Caan (son of actor James Caan), Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park as Hawaii Five 0, and it has seen its share of guest actors we are familiar with.

(Please note that the show had its first season this year, so all the episodes mentioned below belong to season 1).

Dane Cook

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Dane Cook plays Danny (Scott Caan)’s brother who appears to have come to Hawaii to catch up with his niece. However as it turns out, he committed a crime and owes dangerous people money. Will Danny report him, or try to help him out?

Sean Combs – Episode 21

Rap singer Sean Combs first made a big name for himself under the stage name Puff Daddy, which he later changed to P. Diddy. On the show’s opening credits, he is simply credited with his birth name Sean Combs.

Sean Combs plays an undercover cop working with the F.B.I., on a quest to catch very powerful mob boss. He takes a little break to see his son and wife, but the safe-house is busted and his wife ends up being murdered, along with one of the guarding F.B.I. agents.

It’s up to Five 0 to investigate the mobster, as well as other suspects. They also have to prevent Sean Comb’s character from doing something stupid.

Agnes Bruckner – Episode 15


Agnes Bruckner , who starred in movies such as Dreamland, and Blood and Chocolate, plays a skillful hacker whose services are required to send out a false Tsunami alarm. Who would need a fake disaster, and why?

James Marsters - Episodes 1 & 12

American actor James Marsters, who we best know as the English vampire Spike from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, plays the man who killed Steve (Alex O’ Loughlin)’ s father .

William Sadler - Episodes 1 & 2

William Sadler, a.k.a, the sheriff from the TV Series Roswell, plays Steve’s dad. In the very beginning of the series, Steve is after a bunch of criminals, while James Marsters’ character has taken Steve’s dad as hostage. Steve ends up killing Marsters’ brother, who in turn retaliates by killing Steve’s father. However, as later episodes reveal, the murder of McGarrett, Senior was ordered, even before the death of Marsters’ brother.

Jordan Belfi – Episode 14

Jordan Belfi appears as one of people Hawaii Five O gang ends up talking to. Jordan Belfi co-starred with Alex O’ Loughlin in Moonlight. Belfi played Beth’s boyfriend Josh.

Reiko Aylesworth – Episode 14

The reason Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) left Hawaiian P.D. was that he was accused of taking money – an accusation that turned his family against him, and wrecked his marriage. We were led to believe that his wife had left him, but as we meet his wife (played by 24’s Michelle- Reiko Aylesworth) during this episode, we learn that it was Chin who left. He was just trying to protect his wife.

Nick Lachey - Episode 17

American actor Nick Lachey, who you might remember as the ex. Mr. Jessica Simpson, plays the caring boyfriend of a boat employee, who may not be as innocent as she looks.

Andrea Bowen – Episode 22

This week’s murder victim is Renny (Rick Springfield), a very popular fashion photographer who was set on fire in his own trailer. Andrea Bowen, who you might remember as Susan’s daughter in Desperate Housewives, plays the local assistant photographer who doesn’t at first seem like a suspect.

James Remar – Episode 23

James Remar, a. k.a Sex and the City’s Richard, plays a wealthy man who finds himself at the top of Hawaii Five 0’s suspect list.

Larisa Oleynik – 3 Episodes


Larisa Oleynik, who played Bianca, 10 Things I Hate About You, appeared in 3 episodes as an-on-leave CIA analyst, also after Wo Fat..

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