Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital
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Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital

An article about Genie Francis.

Genie Francis is a legend in the soap opera world. She has played Laura Webber Spencer on and off since she was a teenager on the iconic daytime drama, "General Hospital." She made pop culture history as one part of the mega supercouple, Luke and Laura. She became an icon before many of her peers graduated high school.

In the 1980's, Luke and Laura's chemistry and storylines made "General Hospital" must see TV. The wedding of Luke and Laura in 1981, pulled in multi-million viewers, making it the highest viewing episodes ever in daytime history. 

It was recently announced that Genie Francis will making her return as Laura in February. Under certain writing regimes Genie Francis was not treated as the goddess that she is. They often times used her celebrity as a prop to keep their show from circling the drain, never giving her the attention or merit she so deserves.

Now, that "GH" has a new head-writer that seems to blend the present and the past so effectively, my advice is this, please roll out the red carpet for this woman. Let her stay as long as she wants, and please give her storylines that will prove to her and to her longtime, loyal fans that you are not using her, and essentialy them by default.

Her character is not a circus animal that you drag out for special occasions, and once you are done with the novelty of it, you push it back in its cage. This character and actress is one of the building blocks of not only this show, but the entire genre itself. From my point of view, she has never been treated as such. She is also virtually responsible for helping the audience to see Anthony Geary's Luke as leading man material, and that also needs to be recognized and aknowledged.

So, congratulations "General Hospital you finally have your shooting star back. Treat her as such, and I think soap ratings will once again raise the roof. Push her to the back of the canvas again, and all you might get is some strongly worded hate mail.

So, Ms. Genie Francis, as you might can already tell, you will always have a fan in me. I know your performance will be amazing no matter what Laura's fate will be. Get as many Emmy's as you can, and never forget you my dear, are a queen and should be treated as such.

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