Facts About Leif Garrett
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Facts About Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett, former teen idol, has led a very colorful life. He sings and acts, but he went into a downward spiral of drug abuse. He can be viewed on truTV's World's Dumbest as a commentator as well.

Leif Garrett has led an interesting life. He started his career at a very early age, 5 to be exact. He became most famous in his teen years when he became teen idol supreme. Since that time, he has had struggles that most people never have to grapple with. He maintains a fan base, though not like his teen years. He has a way with interviewers who seem to fall under some "Leif is such a nice guy" spell, when interviewing him. As a young man, girls loved his baby face and perfect blue eyes. As an adult, girls look past the imperfections, which have become a part of Leif, as they still see something fascinating about the character that is Leif Garrett.

Leif 's ability to attract beautiful women has not ceased, making some people scratch their heads.. Looking at him today as compared to his teen years, little is recognizable about him. The eyes are a dead giveaway and there is still something about that voice that tells us it is Leif, but those are the only traits that can be detected from the yesteryear Leif. In any case, there seems to be information overload about Leif in some areas, leaving other areas of his life wide open to speculation.

Common Knowledge Facts about Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett's real name: Leif is the name he was given at birth, but that is the only name he has kept. His name was changed from Leif Per Nervik early in his career. It was a career move. The last name Nervik wasn't considered "Hollywood" enough. The name change stuck and many women around the world would have given anything to change their last name to Garrett too.

Leif Garrett's Birthdate: Leif Garrett was born on November 8, 1961. He is under the astrological sign of Scorpio. He was born and raised in California. His mother and father had both been a part of the Hollywood scene in various ways. His mother, according to Leif, started him on his career at the age of five.

Leif Garrett Abuses Drugs: The truth is, if you can name a drug, Leif Garrett has probably tried it at least once in an illegal manner. He has had drug and alcohol problems for many years. Leif has been arrested at least four times for drug use. Two of those arrests were for possession of heroin. He has avoided spending too much time in jail thus far. Leif has also been in rehab several times. The most noted is when he appeared on Celebrity Rehab. Leif tends to bare his soul for the world to see on the many issues in his life. His drug abuse is clear to see. Interviews have shown a very embarrassed Leif at times when the drug abuse is mentioned. In his later years, he has seemingly accepted it is a part of who he is, even if he is able to overcome it.

Leif Garrett is a Commentator on World's Dumbest: Anyone who has seen truTV's World's Dumbest, knows that Leif Garrett is a regular commentator. He has been on the show since 2008. He is one of the more popular commentators on the show despite lapses such as his 2010 arrest, which kept him jailed for two days. Leif is often the biggest target for the other commentators. His extremely colorful life (putting it mildly) has left him wide open for many skits on the show. The show is going stronger than ever and part of that is due to Leif Garrett's presence.

Common Misconceptions and Real Facts about Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett is Gay: This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Leif Garrett. Anything is possible, but there is no proof of such. Leif has always had gorgeous women at his side. He has stated himself that he is not gay and his eyes light up if the right woman comes into the room. It is true that women tend to pursue Leif. This might give an indication that he uses that as a "smoke screen". It isn't just that women pursue him, but that he pursues them as well. If he were gay, he probably wouldn't do that at this point in his life.

Leif Garrett has no Talent: Leif's career spans nearly 45 years. He has been acting, singing and generally entertaining people for all but five years of his life. Forty-five years in a business is a long time. That is especially true when you are in the entertainment industry.  Leif has a great deal of talent. That was never the problem. Leif has not always given his best. In order to give your best, you should be sober. In Leif's case, it hasn't always happened like that. Otherwise, Leif has a great deal of talent. He has a fan base that proves it.

 Leif Garrett Once Lived Off $1000 a Month from his Mother: This has not been confirmed as fact, it is only rumored. Leif Garrett filed bankruptcy some time ago. When he did, he is rumored to have been living off $1000 a month that his mother was giving him. That may well be true, but some information was left out of the equation. As a teenager, Leif purchased a home for him, his mother and sister to live in. In fact, there were many things that he helped his mother with when he was a teenager. The fact is, that anything his mother "gave" him, he had already given her previously. It evens out. He has also worked diligently through the years for various charities. He has given and given throughout his life. To paint him as nothing but a lazy taker, which many people comment about on the internet is unfair when looking into what he has done in his life in regards to his family.

Detailing Leif Garrett's life in one short article is nearly impossible. He has led an interesting life to say the least. There are lesson to be learned from him. He has been around the world and back again. He has done things that would make some people's skin crawl. He has been on top of the world and down in the dumps. 


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