Did Savannah Guthrie Flip Matt Laurer the Bird?
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Did Savannah Guthrie Flip Matt Laurer the Bird?

With rumors of rising tensions at NBC, Today Show co-host, Savannah Guthrie adds to the questions circling the broadcast giant by supposedly flipping the bird at Today Show co-host Matt Laurer. With the uncomfortable moment now gaining attention in the main stream media, will NBC finally have to admit that the network is facing a personnel collapse?

If you've been keeping up with your favorite gossip column, or even showed a modest amount of attention to the main stream media in the last month, it is no secret that times are tense at NBC. The National Broadcast Corporation announced last week that long time "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, would be taking the walk of shame in the very near future. Shortly after the Leno announcement, rumors began to circulate about long time "Today Show" host, Matt Laurer. 

Laurer has been a recognizable face on the Today Show for well over a decade. He has had a remarkably long run, and is still highly popular amongst a select group of dedicated followers. However, there has been reports in the last two years that tensions have been building on the set of America's favorite morning show. 

With a long list of personnel changes, beginning with the departure of long-time co-host, Katie Couric, who made a very unsuccessful run at leading the CBS Nightly News program. Her departure was followed by the resignation of other popular and familiar faces like Al Roker, and Anne Curry. 

All the tension aside, what may or may not have taken place on the morning of Friday, March 29, 2013, may have been the most open display of all that things on the set are no longert cordial. 

While doing a demonstration of vacuum cleaners, new "Today" co-host, Savannah Guthry, struggled to find the proper switch to intitiate vacuum operation. From inside the studio, Matt Laurer immediately quipped "This is the first time Savannah, has used a vacuum." 

Clearly rattled by the comment, Guthrie spun around, and with a noticable scowl  scolded Lauerer: "That, is not true!" The moment was so noticeable, that many of the people in the outside audience clinched their lips, and shifted their feet uncomfortably. While Matt Laurer squirmed uncomfortably, and grinned, Guthrie thought she had the all clear from the cameras and proceeded to do the following: 

Clearly embarrassed when she realized the vulgar act had been caught on camera, Guthrie smiled smoothly and continued her segment.

The matter however, did not die there. Many of the fans staunchest supporters took to Twitter, and the blogosphere to accuse Guthrie of having flipped Laurer the bird. Shortly after the event, Guthrie herself took to Twitter to proclaim her innocence:

Folks!! That was my INDEX finger! Photo evidence proving my innocence coming! #fingergate #TGIF “-@SavannahGuthrie

Many of the contributors to the latest controversy argue that even if it was an "index finger," the intent was the same, and Guthrie was in the wrong. 

So far, the reps at the Today Show have declined to comment on the situaiton. Perhaps, the public will have to decide for themselves. 

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