Celebrities We Lost in February of 2012
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Celebrities We Lost in February of 2012

There were many celebrity deaths in 2012, many of them happened in February and there were some pretty big names and personalities and pretty tragic deaths and one very sad one that was reported in February. Here is the listing of the celebrities that we lost in February of 2012. May they rest in peace.

There were many celebrity deaths in 2012, many of them happend in February and there were some pretty big names and personalities and pretty trajic deaths in February.  Here is the listing of the celebrities that we lost in February of 2012.  May they rest in peace. 

Davie (David) Jones:  My best friend and I from High School were at the mall when she got a message on her cell phone that Davie Jones had passed away.  Davie Jones was a big part of our Childhood as he was such a cute guy  Davie Jones was on the television show the Monkeys which was about the antics of a singing group called the Monkeys. The show spawned the actual band and Davie Jones was the lead singer.  He was still performing solo up to the point of his death. He passed away on February 29th at the age of 66.  He died of a heart attack.   

Neil Hope:  Best known as the character "Wheels" Dereck Wheeler on Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High. This one is kind of an odd story as supposedly he actually died back in 2007, but the public did not find out until the middle of February of this year.  Apparently his own family did not even know until January of this year.  He was 35 at the time of his death.  Neil's parents had been alcoholics and he had apparently been estranged from his family.  He was found dead in a boarding house but nobody recognized him and sadly his body was never claimed.  They buried him the following month in a municipal cemetery. This is a very odd and very sad true life story. 

David Kelly: Best known as Grandpa Joe in the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that starred Johnny Depp. He passed away on February 12th at the age of 82 after a brief illness.

Whitney Houston:  Perhaps not one of the biggest shocks but one of the most heart breaking celebrity deaths in 2012 wsa the death of Whitney Houston.  Houston had started out as a model turned songstress turned actress.  She had one of the most amazing voices ever recorded.  Houston performed in the movie the Body Guard with Kevin Costner and the movie spawned many hit songs including the Mega hit, I Will Always Love You. Houston won many awards in her lifetime including a life time achievement award in 2001 from the BET Awards, She won a Grammy in 2000 this would be her third, she won multiple awards in 1998 at the American Music Awards, and she won an award for Best Female R&B singer from the American Music awards in 1994, Houston had struggled for years with drug abuse and was on her way to making a comeback and making a movie.  Unfortunately her come back would never happen as she was found in a hotel room in a bathtub on February10th.  She was just 48 at the time of her death. 

Peter Breck:  He starred on the televisioin show The Big Valley a western series back in the 1960's and played the character Nick Barkely, He was also on Maverick and Black saddle. He had been suffering from dementia for quite a while before his death and had been hospitalized for an illness in January. He passed away on February 6th at the age of 82.

Ben Gazzara:  Ben Gazzara was an actor who had quite a long and accomplished career.  He was in Anatomy of Murder and several other movies and television performances in the 50's, 60's and 70's, but reamained active in the 80's.  He was also a stage actor most known for his part in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  He also worked as a director and did many television shows most notably Run For Your Life. In more recent years he played a pornagrapher in The Big Laboowski (1998), and he was also in a Spike Lee Movie Summer of Sam in 1999.  He kept on acting in theater all the way up until 2006 where he acted in Awake and Sing. He also won an Emmy for HBO's Hysterical Blindness.  He actually deserves a whole article on all of his jobs and accomplishments.  He passed away at the age of 82 on February 3rd of pancreatic cancer.

Don Cornelius - Long time host and producer of the show Soul Train.  Cornelius had suffered an aneurysm 15 years before his death and suffered seizurs often due to that.  He was in a great deal of pain and took his own life on February 1st. He was 75 years of age. 

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