An Old Person's Reminiscing Of Past Presidents
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An Old Person's Reminiscing Of Past Presidents

An over fifty look into American presidential elections and current needs

I have been interested in presidential elections from the time of Stevenson. Adlai Stevenson was my dad’s favorite but he looked at, my dad that is, kind of bemused when he spoke of his democrat. He was democrat wasn’t he? Succeeding elections and winners are like a blur as if a winged chariot were guiding my mind back through the years. The democrats and the republicans.were the two most important groups. Libertarians and independents cropped up only during the past sixteen years as spoilers. The democrats were for the lower middle and upper middle class. The republicans were for the middle and the very rich class. In America one had to look at his pocket book to decide which class he belonged to since class according to family and history only counted for the very wealthy and those with familiar American names even if carried by non relatives of the original person who made his name an American icon.

American presidents like George Washington would be comparable in many minds to Andrew Jackson. To go in depth into the similarities of their times and they would not be of interest or relevance to my point here. An Abraham Lincoln is what I am interested in amusing my mind with during these rather shockingly shameless pre-election campaigning periods involving haggling and overt hostility and threats to other Americans insisting on keep our secrets or be branded a traitor. I am sure that makes no sense but bear with me.  We Abraham Lincoln romantics envision an austere backwoodsman made famous for his stance in totally destroying the America he was voted into and leaving in a most unpresidential manner. I am not being deliberately ignorant .  I am trying my hand at thinking and at lecturing like those currently involved in re apportioning the fruits of anothers labor.

Our current wars are said by current politicians to be caused by activities of non Americans who were drawn to America not to procure wealth but to impose their will on us because of their wealth and are now instigating a new civil war for America's sanity we presume. We are estranged as Americans and have become haves and have nots. What a precious English instructor insisted was American culture has broken down into ethnic rivalries and cross dressing religionists.

We Abraham Lincoln students recall Walt Whitman and his immortalization of his president. If he were to come alive, Walt Whitman, that is, his poem might not be well taken. If I remember, O, Captain, My Captain, The Ship of State Is Lost. Or something like that. And, of course, John Booth an actor as we are supposed to be today, actors, makes his ending.

The years of existing in this country have not all been lost to my conscious mind. The lessons of history are not to be cavalierly shrugged off as we reach for the promises of thieving charlatans promising the easy road to victory through witchhunting and saint baiting. It won’t work.

We should be wary as to whom we cast our vote and thus our trust to. At the moment and I see no reason why I shouldn’t state my rambling opinions.

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