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Teresa Giudice Makes It Through First Week of Celebrity Apprentice

With the first week of Celebrity Apprentice in the books, Jersey Girl, Teresa Giudice has made it through. She gave her help in the culinary department of the first challenge, but despite the loss of the woman's team, she is still there facing another day. We wish her the best of luck and await her appearance as program manager.

Teresa Giudice showed off her culinary skills in the first episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" making sandwiches and even making her special peppers to garnish some of the sandwiches. Sadly, Cheryl Tiegs was first celebrity voted off. The challenge was managed by Patricia Velasquez for her charity, Wayuu Taya Foundation, so near and dear to her heart and during the show, it certainly looked like the women would win the challenge with a slam dunk.

Teresa Giudice kept a low profile on the first show, careful not to ruffle any feathers of the rest of the women. Fans are sure it will not take long to see her in action as the program manager of another task. The women were pretty cordial to each other, and in the boardroom it was difficult to have them "tell on" another person who did not come up to the task and play on the team. 

As a means of raising money for the charity the program managers on both the men and women teams must call in their friends and business contracts to raise as much money as they can. The money raised goes to the charity of the wining team's program manager, including the money raised by the losing team. It was sad to see how emotional Patricia was at losing the money raised for her charity, because she was born in Venezuela and although reaching the pinnacle of being the first Latina supermodel, has never forgotten where she came from.

Paul Teutul Sr. of Orance County Chopper fame, was the program manager for the men's team playing for the "Make a Wish Foundation" and scored a last-minute anonymous donation of over $300,000, bringing the men to the top.

Teresa is no slacker in the marketing department, and fans are anxious to see how she plays when she is the program manager. Fans doubt she will be calling on her co-stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," after the horrendous last season finale that painted her as the worst villain since Adolf Hitler.  But she is currently marketing two bestselling cookbooks; "Skinny Italian" and "Fabulicious" with another on the horizon, kid's clothes with her name on the website, and most recently teamed with Brotherhood Winery for "Fabellini," a low-calorie Bellini drink in both peach and raspberry.

After her personal life, including bankruptcy and a husband facing prison were smeared across the tabloids; she certainly has the mother lion ability to fight through and save the family. So stand back and watch her do her stuff. Teresa Giudice is a Jersey girl with lots of attitude and can get down and dirty when her back is against the wall.

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Comments (8)

Great information!

Missed this but thanks for the update! Just got back from a wedding at the Grand Canyon! XOXOXO!

I watched the show and Teresa was great in the episode. Good analysis here!

Thanks Ladies, appreciate your comments, I will be keeping an eye on my favorite fellow Jersey Girl. xoxoxo

My husband is watching it, but I got tired of Celebrity Apprentice myself, still it is nice to see money raised for charity.

Thank you for this recap. Tweeted since I am out of votes.

An interesting report on Terese. Thank you Diane. Thank you also for your friendship and support. Voted up.

Excellent write up. Thanks for passing this info. on.