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More Info Regarding Memorial to Captain Phil Harris

More info regarding Captain Phil Harris of the Deadliest Catch.

According to there will be a memorial service and motorcycle run for Captain Phil Harris sometime in the spring. The beloved fishing vessel captain passed away on February 9, 2010. It was made known that Phil’s body was cremated. The plan is to merge half of Phil’s remains with his mother who predeceased him and the other half will be scattered over the Bering Sea where he made his living. The former will be strictly for the family while the latter will be a celebration of Phil’s life with his friends and family. When Phil called the Cornelia Marie after his first bout with blood clots, he mentioned that his mother (Phyllis) had recently died from the same thing that Phil was experiencing.

The celebration of Phil’s life and spreading his ashes is expected to be held in October at the beginning of the king crab season. The king crab season six will be on the Discovery Channel starting in April. It will be difficult to watch, knowing that it will be Phil’s last king crab season. The opilio season was when Phil had his stroke which optimally led to his death, so we will see the entire king crab season on Deadliest Catch and hopefully much of the opilio season up until Phil’s demise. Knowing the Discovery Channel and their integrity, I am sure it will be handled properly and true tribute to our dear Captain Phil will be a memorable and fitting tribute.

One of the meet and greet festivities that is held each year is called CatchCon. This free event is sponsored by the Discovery Network in the spring in Seattle, Washington. As of today, the date has not been set. In the past, it has been held on a Saturday and gives the fans a chance to meet the captains, crew members, production staff and those fearless camera people, who by the way, are one brave group. The camera people are not sailors or fishermen and women, so they may not have their sea legs like the old salts do.

On the Deadliest Catch Fan site, there is a memorial page for us to leave some words of tribute to our dear Captain Phil:

I wrote a poem and sent it to the Harris family:

Ode to Captain Phil Harris of the Deadliest Catch

By JerseyNana

Oh Captain, My Captain,

I can't believe it's true,

That you have gone and left us

And we don't know what to do.

To honor you is difficult,

For we know we should not cry,

Just suck it up and stay strong,

And try not to ask God...why?

That stalwart boat Cornelia Marie,

You drove her through the cold,

You ran a tight ship and earned respect,

In search of the ocean's gold.

But for all the good times,

With bumps along the way,

The king crabs and opilio too,

We saw happiness and also dismay.

When you first took ill we prayed,

For we could not believe,

That anything could hold you down,

So we granted you sick leave.

When you returned our hearts rejoiced,

But God knew so much more,

He picked you up in His loving arms,

And you sailed through heaven's door!


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Comments (1)

I would like to say across the miles we all will miss the captain.Our deepest regards to his family. We watched the show faithfully, so much so my mother consider them part of a family.She really liked the captain and his crew.