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Jodie Foster-A Tough As Nails Actor That Always Gives Her All

Jodie Foster is one of the great actors of today. Jodie Foster keeps going in a difficult industry.

Jodie Foster was born November 19, 1962 In Los Angeles, California. Her given name is Alicia Christian “Jodie” Foster. She isn’t only an actress but also produces and directs films. She’s fluent in French and can understand German and can converse in Italian. She attended Yale and graduated Magna Cum Laude and is a highly intelligent woman who has been praised for her acting skills and professionalism as an actor. Foster has always been sensitive about her looks even though some of her roles have been of a raw sexual nature including Taxi Driver and The Accused.

She began her acting career at age 3 with a stint in a Coppertone commercial where she has her bikini bottom pulled on by a dog. She went on to play several child roles in such TV shows as Mayberry RFD, Gun Smoke, Daniel Boone and Adam-12 and hosted Saturday Night Live at the age of 14. Many of the roles she has played in her life have included edgy characters with a tough as nails attitude earning her ever expanding roles as an actor.

In 1976 she played a young prostitute in the cult classic Taxi Driver. While attending college at Yale in 1981 an obsessed fan who had watched Taxi Driver no less than 15 times in a row, John Hinkley, Jr., began stalking her. He was sending her letters and had spoken to her on the phone. Eventually, in what some speculate may have been a response to the movie, Hinkley attempted to assassinate President Regan in the hopes of getting Foster’s attention. Since then Foster has avoided any discussion of the incident and has avoided undue public interaction. It had a profound impact on her life professionally and personally.

In 1989 she played a rape victim who fights back through the legal system in The Accused for which she won an Academy Award for best actress. She won another Academy Award and Golden Globe for her role as Clarice Starling in the Silence of the Lambs in 1991. In 1991 she debuted her director’s skills with the release of Little Man Tate. Since then she has had several box office smashes including Nell in 1994 and Contact in 1997.

Jodie Foster is a great actress with a string of hits under her belt. Considering the difficulties she has had with stalkers she has managed to maintain her privacy, her integrity, and her where-with-all to continue in an industry that has given her such a love hate relationship. She is a strong woman that deserves a great deal of respect.

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Comments (4)

For me, the best Jodie Foster performance in a film has to be Silence Of The Lambs. :)

Great job, she is one classy lady!!! Voted!

Ranked #15 in Celebrities

Thay You Diane

Ranked #15 in Celebrities

Alistair, I just now saw this comment. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I agree with you. Also, if you have read the book you know that the movie follows the book very very close. The only difference is in the book you know what's going through Starling's mind so reading the book adds to the depth of the story as a whole...Peace Jaz