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Donald Trump: GOP Nominee?

A look at a few theories as to why Donald Trump is looking a little like a possible GOP nominee for the 2012 Presidential Election.

As would be expected, hype is already starting to surround the GOP regarding the 2012 Presidential Election. Who will run? Can anyone beat Obama? I must admit, when I first heard Donald Trump was considering putting in his bid for the Republican nomination, I was apprehensive (to say the least). Like many people, I originally assumed his decision to run for president would be little more than just good press. However, like most people, I did not expect for the American people to take him as seriously as they seem to be doing. The question then arises: Does Trump have what it takes to with the Republican nomination for President of the United States?

It is no secret that Trump has no problem voicing his opinion. His criticism of President Obama is widely known, and widely reported. Perhaps in this time of economical and political uncertainty, the American people are responding well to the outspoken businessman. MSNBC reports that it is possible that the people of this great nation want to see a candidate willing, and able to take on Obama in a politically-minded fight. Perhaps the people are even more tired of the runaround responses and the unwillingness to stand up with strong beliefs.

Another theory as to Trumps unexpected popularity is the fact that the current GOP field is, well, a little boring. People like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney can and would be great candidates, but Conservative writer David Frum points out that the likelihood of these two being able to take on a great political fight like the one that is seems to be needed is not likely. If you want to see a candidate throw a strong political punch, Trump would certainly be the way to go.

While there is still a massive amount of time for the people of the GOP to pick a front-runner, I am surprised as much if not more at the sudden popularity of Donald Trump. Does he have what it takes to run this country? Who knows! However, one thing is certain; the change that America was expecting and has been patiently waiting for has yet to arrive. When 2012 finally does roll around, I am sure America will want to see a more drastic change than the one we previously received. It will surely be interesting to see if a more charismatic person besides Donald Trump is able to lead the GOP to a victory in 2012. If we have learned one thing, it is to never underestimate anyone in this great nation of ours. To conclude, Republicans all over America are ready for a strong, savvy leader to take the reins and lead our nation once again; and perhaps Donald Trump could just be the ticket.



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He has the money and the voice to get things done. Well done summary of the GOP hopeful Donald Trump. Out of votes,so will promote your outstanding presentation.Thank you.